About Dave Roels

Dave Roels is a seasoned professional whose superb photography has made him one of the most sought after photographers in Vancouver. Dave specializes in convention photography, the shipping industry and portraiture. Over the years, his portraits have included former Premier Gordon Campbell, Carole Taylor, Chancellor at Simon Fraser University and Bill Sauder, Chancellor, UBC and the Sauder School of Business. He has also photographed world leaders such as Presidents Bush and Clinton, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Order of Canada recipients. The latter (50 B/W prints 24"x36") led to a month-long exhibition at the Vancouver Public Library that received critical acclaim.
Dave has been doing photography for the magazine BC Shipping News and recently had his 12th cover on the magazine. He has done over 30 web galleries on their website.
Dave is very client oriented and his low-key demeanor and relaxed manner conceal his passion for the subjects he photographs which become clearly evident in the resulting images.